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We believe that marketing and promotion of our brand are crucial to success in the sportswear industry. To create a simple and powerful brand message to our consumers, the Group has been employing a focused marketing strategy by focusing on the basketball sports category in marketing and promoting the “PEAK” brand since our inception in 1991 although we offer products in almost every sports category. The Group promotes “PEAK” as an international and professional brand through association with internationally renowned tournament organizers and provision of products with premium functionality and performance. Our promotion partners are therefore not restricted to domestic partners and include sports associations, leagues, federations, event organizers and individual athletes throughout the world. The Group also employs various means of promotion such as national and local television commercials, outdoor media, online advertising, newspapers and magazines.

Leveraging our success in focusing on the basketball sports category, the Group has rolled out our new marketing strategy focusing on two other sports categories (i.e. running and tennis) in addition to basketball in recent years. The Group believes that the new strategy will further enhance our brand image and positioning and ensure sustained growth in popularity of the “PEAK” brand.

Basketball promotion partners

The utilization of basketball promotion partners such as federations, leagues, teams, event organizers and individual athletes is an integral part of the Group’s brand promotion and marketing strategy to differentiate us from our peers. Such focused strategy also disseminates a clear profile to consumers. The Group has had an association with most of the top renowned basketball promotion partners around the world and this enables the Group to build up successfully the most international brand image in the basketball sector among our Chinese peers. By requiring our endorsed basketball athletes to wear our basketball footwear during all tournaments, we demonstrate that our products can withstand the severest tests of functionality and performance and this further enhances our professional brand image. Although the Group has started promoting the other sports categories in addition to basketball under the new marketing strategy, we will continue to dedicate the most significant portion of our resources to the basketball sports category so as to maintain our leading position in the basketball sector in coming years.

Set out below are some of the important basketball promotion partners of the Group in 2015:
Houston Rockets Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs
Fédération Internationale de
Basketball (FIBA)
The Stanković Continental
Champions’ Cup
Basketball Australia Basketball Federation of Montenegro Basketball Federation of Serbia
Basketball New Zealand Cameroon Basketball Federation Côte d’Ivoire Basketball
German Basketball Federation Iran Basketball Federation

Tennis promotion partners

With a view to attracting more female customers and boosting the female sportswear sales, the Group has gradually been strengthening our promotion in the tennis sector. Leveraging the success in the basketball sector, the Group has adopted the same marketing strategy of building up an international and professional brand image for our tennis sports products. Accordingly, the Group utilizes promotion partners which can manifest the internationalism and professionalism of the “PEAK” brand to promote our tennis sports products.

Women’s Tennis Association was one of the most important tennis promotion partners of the Group. In addition, the Group sponsored 8 international female tennis players at 31 December 2015, further enhancing the influence of “PEAK” in the women’s tennis sector.

Running promotion partners

In line with our new marketing strategy, the Group consistently strengthens the promotion of our running products. The promotion partners of our running products include CCTV, Guangdong Sports TV and a number of sports magazines. The Group also launches an interactive online platform specifically for our running footwear. We attract the online users to buy sports products at our retail outlets by offering online games and prizes to them. As a result, we effectively promote our running footwear. In 2015, the Group also sponsored European Athletics Indoor Championships, IAAF World Challenge (Beijing) and 28th Dalian International Marathon, etc.

Other promotion partners
Set out below are some of important promotion partners of the Group in 2015:
The National Olympic Committee
of New Zealand
The National Olympic Committee of Slovenia The National Olympic Committee of Lebanon
The National Olympic Committee
of Jordan
The National Olympic Committee of Cyprus The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine
The National Olympic Committee
of Palestine
Palestine National Football Team The United States International University Sports Federation
2015 Tour of Qinghai Lake
International Cycling Race
European Athletics Indoor Championships IAAF World Challenge (Beijing)
28th Dalian International Marathon The First Ningbo International Marathon Shake Run